Temari Mame-suzu

 In 2011, Mis. Kurashima decided to be craftsman, but what kind of? she thought. She searched for what she should be, then she found Japanese Temari ball. Tamari ball is not cute and beautiful but has circle shape that meanings of a cycle. She think it teach us human being is a part of natural cycle too.

 She also hope people will interest in Japanese spiritual and traditional culture with this cute Mari.

 This small enough to fit in your palm Mari work has complex design. This design makes superb balance geometric pattern on its surface. This kaleidoscope-like look has a charm. The charm let you to keep to see, as if it's a world.

 Using threads have made by some Kyoto dyeing company. Now Kimono business's scale is go down and down. Her hope is as using the threads  for her Temari works give some help to Kyoto's company continue to make these threads.      

 Feel craftsmanship, their heart, and how it take hours by take in your hand this exquisite Temari work.

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