StoriesOfJapanKyoto #1. About "drop", "eight" and Kyoto's craftsman's pride.

1. Specialty Coffee Brewing Stand

 For all coffee lovers who brew themselves, might have dreamed or longed to get specialty tools. Definitely their such favorite tools make their coffee brewing more and more deeper. While brewing coffee, Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura of Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters are feeling to get stronger to use a well-designed, useful and delightful coffee brewing stand.

2. The spirit of "We make our tools by ourselves"

 Meanwhile, during their long trip in the U.S., they found unique coffee brewing stands at several third wave coffee shops. These original stands were made from the spirit of "We make our tools by ourselves". Nakamuras felt sympathy with it, and finally they decided to make their original one. 

3. Meet a craftsman in Uji, Kyoto.

 What's needed for their original stand? At an outdoor pop-up brewing shop,  it needs stability and toughness for it. Also it needs a shape with being easy to brew and cool design, of course. With much thoughtful ideas, Nakamuras met a craftsman Mr.Yamamoto who is an owner of  a small metal machining factory based in Uji, Kyoto, and requested him to design and create their tool. In this way, their 1st prototype of coffee brewing stand had developed and tested in practice for brush-up such as, its usability and off weight.  

4. Craftwork

 Mr. Yamamoto's work is such a corker. The centre parts of four pillars are well considered where to locate and even the thinness for its stability and usability with not losing its cool design. In addition, he gave many watchful of details for user's convenience.  The edges of each plate make rounded and smooth. The basement part has a flat and smooth bottom which cares not to leave serious scratches on the table. Surface finishing makes inconspicuous its scratches and stains from everyday use. Simple combinations of its structure help to keep clean easier. The dripper holders designed less contact with drippers succeeded to deprive losing heat from coffee dripper.

5. Technical work-shop in Kyoto

 After these examinations and planning progresses, Mr.Yamamoto ordered to manufacture for sheet metal working and precision machining to each technical work-shops in Kyoto. Mr. Yamamoto did deburr precisely and assemble every manufactured parts by his handwork.

6. After that

 Now their original brewing coffee stands "drop" and "eight" are used at Nakamuras' coffee roasting shop and also brought to, an outdoor pop-up coffee shop. Now the items are regularly used at Dongree Coffee Stand in Higashiyama, Kyoto, and also used their Nakamuras' fortunate customers.

 Nakamuras and Mr.Yamamoto's "drop" and "eight" displayed at San Francisco International Gift Fair 2015.

ColorsOfJapanKyoto recommend them for all coffee lovers.

Original coffee brewing stand produced by Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters' The "drop" and The "eight" on ColorsOfJapanKyoto web store.