StoriesOfJapanKyoto #2. Test tubes for taste fragrance.


1. A single origin beans roaster and cafe. 

 COFFEE BAISENSHO TABI-NO-NE, a coffee roaster and cafe based on Mototanaka Sakyo-ku Kyoto, Japan serves single origin beans coffee that roasted in the store. All first time comer are guided a "gadget" by shop staff. That mount on a wall aside the counter table. A roast machine at entrance, objets, dry flowers, and most eye-catching is  test tube are filled full of coffee beans. 


 2. Test tubes

 As promoting, I took one of tubes, off the cap and smelled it. Good. Did next tube and more. Flighted each other, felt differ. The Beans had selected from worldwide, picked carefully, and take time over roasting by beans type. Such beans in those test tubes arrange light to deep in order on the wall. I chose and ordered one my liking. those cannot to see easily in others. Why did owner settle the gimmick ?  

3. A experience.

 " - As first, it looks interest." owner Yuchi Kitabe told me." - Next, touch glassed test tube, hold it to the light. Off the cork cap, smell the bean, flight each other. I want to give customers this feel action experience and enjoying."

 It's a way of his answer for roast beans. Day by day he faced the beans in honesty, and after repeating many try and error, reached an answer for his roasting. In studying days for roasting, he change method carefully by beans types and its conditions, reached an ideal answer for roasting , but he does not to dare explaining it.  

 4. Feel and enjoy

" - I prefer to you think a coffee is not very difficult. Important thing is, first of all, you touch it, feel it, then enjoy it. Producers’ heart or my mind for beans are next." 

With a shine smiling, he brewed and served my coffee that I selected from the wall. It was see my eyes, touch by hands, smell by nose, taste tongue. Very enjoyable coffee. 


COFFEE BAISENSHO TABI-NO-NE's roasted beans page is here