StoriesOfJapanKyoto #3. Creative person's design on the works.

1. S.T.M. in Fushimi, Kyoto : Kyo-gawara (Kyoto style roof tiles) manufacturing 

 In progress of making works, creative person uses tools that he or she selects with thoughts, minds, or devises. This time, Mr.Sakata, creative person of SAKATA TILE MANUFACTURING(S.T.M.), will pick them up, and let us know some secret for making. In S.T.M., all works makes from clay. Mixing, getting into original moulage model, then drawing from it. At last, tools' turn. 

2. Tools

1, 3, & 4 : Sand paper blocks

2 : Moulage

5, 6, & 7 : Spatula. Wooden, steal, & scratch(left to right)

 Drawn cray is rough, not flat, and coarse surface, having burr. At first, remove them by 4 inch long metal spatula, in case of   works, it use wooden spatula or scratch spatula.  This tool used for barring and smooths the surface with water. "I've made it for my works. Without this spatula, I can't make up my image, nuance and expression on my works." Mr. Sakata said.

3. More brush up

 Second tool is deer skin cloth. Using wet deer skin cloth on edge and/or surface for flat, and same time, it making base for glazing. Through this progress, the surface get matting. If he needs more nuance, use sandpapers with variety sandpaper block. Scraping edge and surface, it give the work more impressive.

4. Finish

 After through the progress, cray is dried, baked, glazed and baked again, then the work was completed. Those creative parson's fine designing makes it, works are not mass products but one of a kind for you. 

S.T.M.'s one of a kind works page is here