1883 Indigo x Natural Dye Planet Stall - Pale Blue 18P02

1883 Indigo x Natural Dye Planet Stall - Pale Blue 18P02


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 The gas-singed cotton cloth turns silky smooth touch and glossy tones. Used the cloth on base, tie-dyed by Indigo. This planet imaged fine stall is good to wear such as strong sunshine day, windy day or chilly day.

 The simple texture and the rich colors of indigo perfectly fit on casual or ethnic outfit. It's also stylish to wear it around head.

 All the products of 1883 are made by natural dye. Dyestuffs are mainly indigo, herbs and seasonal plants, and some of the plants are home-grown. The fabric are carefully selected from viewpoint of consideration to both human and nature. (All the fabrics are bought in from trustworthy wholesalers, and most of them are woven in Japan.)

Fabric : 100% Cotton

Dyestuff : Indigo(Deep)

Item Model Number : 18P01

Size:400mm (15.7in.) wide x 1800mm (70.8in.) long* (model : 5.3ft.(1640cm) )

Weight : 250g (8.8oz.)

Note for use : Wash softly by hands with a neutral detergent, and dry out of direct sunlight. (Using of a bleach, an alkaline detergent and sun drying will cause losing colors.) ・Change of colors or discolorations are characters of indigo and natural dye. Please enjoy aged deterioration of colors.

The price is for a this item only. Also available other variations.

About Maker : 1883

 1883 is a natural dye product maker run by Takeshi Udo. He studied natural dye under his mother, she's also an active dyer, and started his career as a dyer in 2014. The trade name "1883" is named after the year of the chemical structure of the indigo is established. Add colors to your everyday clothes by natural dye!

* Before your purchase. All works are handmade, so each item has little difference details as its shape or thickness.We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship.