IT'S Earring  The Iris

IT'S Earring The Iris


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 The language of a iris is "good news" and "hope".

 The Mizu-hiki pattern used at gifting situations from ancient Japan.This Mizu-hiki earrings/pierces named "The Iris" is designed for best much  Japanese style fashion. Also good for western dress.

 This Awaji-musubi knot design of Mizu-hiki means longtime relationship. Maker IT'S wishes owner of this item has wonder encounter with fortunes.

 Color variations are Navy / Beige / Purple available.

 Every color add elegant and sophisticated mood on your dress.   

Material : Koyori paper 

Size:60 x 28 x 3mm (2.4 x 1.1 x 0.1in.)*

Weight : 5g (0.17oz.)

Earrings or pierces available.

* Before your purchase. All works are handmade, so each item has little difference details as its shape or thickness.We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship.


 Avoid from water, it may get lust or remove coating.