J LIFE gifts KUMIKO ART Sesame

J LIFE gifts KUMIKO ART Sesame

J LIFE gifts

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A biggish size sesame pattern KUMIKO panel. Beauty of continuing pattern is one of  KUMIKO's standard and completed form. Be close or away, feel a harmony of scene.

As a named "ART", this concept is "Enjoying KUMIKO same as art" for by window side or front of light, you feel beautiful shade and shadow.

Back side has metal fitting holes for a thread on a wall.

Sesame has abundant alimentation,so it used as a medicine of perennial youth and long life. This sesame pattern involved a wish for owner's health and long life. The outer frame means a long life that from a longevity animal tortoise's shell.

Material : Yellow cedar 

Size:17mm (0.7in.) thin X 305mm(12in.) wide X 430mm (16.9in.) high

Weight : 510g (17.9oz.)

Note for use : Open fire - NO / Dishwasher - NO

* Before your purchase. All works are handmade, so each item has little difference details as its shape or thickness.We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship.