J LIFE gifts KUMIKO Asanoha

J LIFE gifts KUMIKO Asanoha

J LIFE gifts

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 "Asanoha", KUMIKO used smooth touch plain yellow cedar for material, is inspired from a hempen leaf. This ultra light weight and child's palm size wooden work product changes its color by aging. You can use it for a ornament, mug coaster and so on.

 Hemp is very fast growing and its life-force strong. Ancient Japanese people pray this design for children's healthy growing like hemp. And same time, this triangle design is use as a sense of talisman.

 Include an attachable pure silk strap in the box package.

Material : Yellow cedar

Size:125mm (1.77in.) wide X 13mm (1.1in.) high

Weight : 30g (1.05oz.) with case 90g(3.17oz.)

Note for use : Open fire - NO / Dishwasher - NO

* Before your purchase. All works are handmade, so each item has little difference details as its shape or thickness.We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship.