J LIFE gifts KUMIKO Vase Cover

J LIFE gifts KUMIKO Vase Cover

J LIFE gifts

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"Enjoy Japan's 4 seasons with KUMIKO"  is a key word on this straight line plaid vase cover. Arrange each season's flowers combination.

 Used plain wood for do not disturb flower's shinny, showing to advantage its elegance. Pretty Good for not only living flower but also dried flower on your table, desk and by the window, that make it worm feeling.

 Also enjoy this plain wood color changes to deep vintage color by aging.

Material : cypress

Size:80mm (3.14in.) X 80mm(3.14in.) wide X 145mm (5.7in.) high

Weight : 150g (5.2oz.)

Note for use : Open fire - NO / Dishwasher - NO

* Before your purchase. All works are handmade, so each item has little difference details as its shape or thickness.We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship.