OYAMAZAKI COFFEE ROASTERS Selection : Single-Origin Assorted beans 100g x 4

OYAMAZAKI COFFEE ROASTERS Selection : Single-Origin Assorted beans 100g x 4


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 Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters' assorted 4 single origin coffee(100g x 4). They select beans to consider the taste and the roast degree won't overlap as much as possible. The taste change by season or their stock status.

 You can taste to compare each other or mix up to make original blended coffee bean, also good for share with someone who loves coffee.

 Will ship it as whole bean, may take about 10 to 14 days to deliver.

 You can select a decaf assorted set that includes a bag of decaf coffee bean(100g). 

Weight : 400g(14.1oz.)

Total parcel weight : about 430g(15.16oz)*

Serving Size : [100g] 1 cup(12.5g)  Serving per container 8 cup / [200g] 1 cup(12.5g)  Serving per container 16 cup

Note for item : The beans are Whole. Ground beans loss its fresh flavor and taste rapidly. Once you open a pack, use up beans within 2 weeks. The picture of this assorted beans is an example. 


 Keita Nakamura and Mayumi Nakamura, husband and wife roaster bases on Oyamazaki Kyoto, Japan. They are charmed by Oyamazaki's nature and natural features, moved form Tokyo in 2012. They learned coffee culture during a long trip for San Francisco, Portland, New York and so on. Then they started single-origin specialty coffee beans roaster in June 2013. Now their beans are brew at many places in Kyoto. 

Instagram : oyamazakicoffeeroasters

Facebook : OyamazakiCoffeeRoasters

Search for "oyamazaki coffee roasters" on YouTube

*Before your purchase.

 All beans will ship within 3 to 5 business day. After roasting, it needs such days for taste and flavor to settle, then pack into breathable bag for coffee beans. Each item may has  little difference. We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship. Item will be ship from Kyoto, Japan to U.S.A and EU member countries only.