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  Katsura-gawa is long river which flows from outback of Arashiyama Sagano area to Osaka. This Kenya based blend makes to wash away nasty aftertaste, cloying oil,  much salty taste etc..., like strong river. Also Brazil Helena Estate beans add clear mild and bitter taste will reset your frustrations on work or study.

SARUT recommends : After dinner, break time to get relax 

Beans' country of origin : Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic Of Colombia and Republic of Kenya.Roasted imported raw beans in Kyoto.

Roasting : Near Full City Roast

Weight : 100g(3.52oz.) / 200g(7.54oz.)

Total parcel weight : about 130g(4.58oz) / 230g(8.11oz)*

Serving Size : [100g] 1 cup(12.5g) Serving per container 8 cup / [200g] 1 cup(12.5g) Serving per container 16 cup

Note for item : The beans are Whole. Ground beans loss its fresh flavor and taste rapidly. Once you open a pack, use up beans within 2 weeks.

About Maker : SARUT COFFEE

A coffee stand & roaster bases on Sagano Kyoto, Japan. They start their family coffee shop in late 2016. "Sarut" means same pronunciation in Japanese language, Saru means monkey, that from master mr. Nogami's nickname "Curious George" as his appearance. Also Sarut is same pronunciation as Salut in French, that means Hi! in English.

Instagram : sarut_coffee


Search for "SARUT COFFEE" on YouTube

*Before your purchase.

All beans will ship within 3 to 5 business day. After roasting, it needs such days for taste and flavor to settle, then pack into breathable bag for coffee beans. Each item may has little difference. We check them after production. The only Items passed a quality test, we admit to ship. Item will be ship from Kyoto, Japan to U.S.A and EU member countries only.