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Tanaka Pottery Manufacture Design "Haiyu-shuki" Ripple bowl & Sake cups TST-08

Tanaka PMD

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 A set of a ripple bowl and 2 sake cups. The ripple bowl can contain 180ml(6oz.) sake. When you pour sake bottle to ripple bowl, sake expose to the air then change its taste mellow. Also you taste sake spending much time, as the taste change with its temperature change.

 The edge shape of cup has thin and irregularity designs for you feel different sake's taste by your rip or tip of tongue. 

 Enjoy sake's taste and feeling with the set.

Material : Porcelain, Glazed

Color : Grey 

Size:Ripple bowl D90mm(3.5in) / W120mm(4.7in.) / H90mm(3.5in.) 
          Sake cup φ60mm(2.3in.) / H50(1.9in)mm

Weight : 250g(8.8oz.) / 50g(1.7oz.)

Note for use : Open fire - NO / Microwave - NO / Dishwasher - NO

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